It is the aim of Hertford Spiritualist Centre to promote the philosophy and principles of the religion of Spiritualism, which is to offer evidence of the continuance of ‘death’ of the physical body.

We are independent of any Spiritualist organisation and we follow the Seven Principles of Spiritualism.

We believe that the speakers we invite are knowledgeable and trained to demonstrate Mediumship to a high standard. If you hear anything that you find upsetting or difficult to understand, deal with it at once by speaking to the Medium at the end of the event and asking for an explanation.

Mediumistic services are part of the religious practises of Spiritualism. Mediums offer evidence of survival, however once this proof has been given, those spirits who have come through may also offer glimpses of their lives or that of the recipient.

We would remind those who attend that they are personally responsible for any decisions and choices they make in their lives. You do not have to follow any advice or guidance that is passed on to you personally make the decision to do so. We are not responsible for your choices – you are.